simply digitize: a digital concierge service

We show up to your door ready to help curate and organize documents, data, music and photos. We free up space on your mobile devices to welcome new memories. With team members versed in security and archiving, we make sure the things that matter stay safe and secure. The simply simplify digital services help you operate in the most efficient and effective way and enable you so you may use your devices to their full potential!

Services Include:

Memory Optimization
Move important digital information to a protected hard drive to free up room on mobile devices

Desktop De-Clutter
Categorize files (documents and photos) to reflect a logical and efficient filing system​

Email Organization
Filing and systematically coding emails to be easily accessed​

Digital Secretary
Go paperless and digitize business cards, contracts, forms & more

Syncing Phones
Connect devices so that your computer, smartphones and tablets work seamlessly​

Device Repair
Schedule and take items in for repair/ initial activation​

Training and troubleshooting for common applications and systems, like Office or iOSX​

Digital Accessories
Functional & stylish accessories to organize cables, protect devices & more