“We have known Tori for more than 10 years, beginning with her employment in our home where she managed our personal lives, and to this day, we have a continued relationship. She has an ability to see the broad scope of a large project and break it down into small parts. We have confidence in her judgment and discretion and we frequently request that she come back and get things in order for us.”

*Michele and Rob Reiner
Photographer/Stay-At-Home Mom and Acclaimed Director

“My husband and I are very particular about the organization of our space, and were a bit nervous about having someone else organize and arrange our living and home office spaces. But after one hour with Tori and her team, we were able to relax and let them handle the clearing and organization of our home.

Tori and her staff not only conducted themselves with the utmost professionalism, but were able to achieve in one day what we’d not been able to in six months. They did such an impressive job in one day that we scheduled two further visits.

Tori and her team:
· unpacked boxes, donated unnecessary items, discarded packing materials, ordered items to better store things in our loft, set up our storage in a most organized and accessible fashion, arranged furnishings and rugs in a lovely fashion
· unpacked and organized jewelry in a very logical and beautiful manner
· made wonderful suggestions for things best contained in our storage space, set up the layout of our home office

Thanks to simply simplify, we’re now able to enjoy our home, instead of stressing over arranging it!​

I highly recommend simply simplify to anyone who is too busy to tackle the task of home or office organization, or who needs well thought-out solutions for the organization of their space. I will most definitely use the services of simply simplify again when needed.”

*Yassmin Sarmadi- Esnault, Owner of Church and State Restaurant

“Tori, I cannot thank you enough for the incredible miracles you pulled off! I’m stunned when I walk into the garage – it would have buried me. And the kitchen, and the clothes. You are so amazing and such a God send. I’m sure everyone tells you that – and I just want to add my voice to the chorus. I would have drowned without you – thank you thank you thank you.”

*Ilona Hertzberg
Film Producer

“Tori and her team came into our home and not only cleared our space, but completely transformed the energy. The entire family feels more at ease and everything has its place. I would highly recommend you welcome Tori into your home to view your situation from a fresh perspective. She is efficient, tactful and discreet and has helped us set a great example for our children. We welcome her with open arms for our upcoming tune-ups while looking forward to a long and continued relationship.”

*Joanne Burstein Besser
A-List Talent Manager

Tori responded quickly to my request and worked closely with me to address my specific organizing needs. Since I live in San Diego I wanted to make sure that we worked efficiently and got a lot accomplished during the days that Tori and her team worked in my home. Tori and I came up with a plan before her visit and I was impressed and pleased with her professional, friendly and efficient team. Tori provided well designed, stylish organizational solutions for my kitchen, master closet, and home office. I cannot thank Tori and her team enough for their help and I am still enjoying my organized home and the systems they put in place.

*Ryan Garrett
Fine Art Consultant

“When I came into my newly organized closet, I felt safe, calm… like my life was in control. It made me feel really good about myself. After all of simply simplify‘s hard work, my entire home has a sense of clarity and flow. Thank you so much, I want to do more – that is how inspired I feel! Tori, you are fabulous at what you do and I can’t wait for the next round.”

*Heather Hayward
Life Coach, Hypnotherapist