Erika Saxon
Groomed in the world of fashion and design, Erika sharpened her standout sense of creativity and strong work ethic. Her passionate imagination allows for a fresh perspective and a keen eye for detail which is reflected in her firm sense of dedication to every project. Having moved consistently through her life (no less than 10 US cities) has made her extremely adaptable and with a special knack for shedding the old and creating a new and simplified space under pressure. Her natural ability to find order in chaos turned into a profession upon meeting founder (and relative!) Tori and discovering her perfect niche in the world of professional organization. Their friendship and immediate bond added even more spunk & energy to the company’s overall drive.
Danna Bartylak-Cox
Originally from Texas, this SoCal transplant has made Venice Beach, CA her home for the past 15 years. Danna’s extensive background in retail has allowed her to travel to Paris, New York, Miami, and Istanbul and her knowledge of the retail game provided her with a firm understanding of what it means to run a business from the back of the house to the front. In additional to her fashion credentials, Danna has been an executive assistant to Luxury Lifestyle Brand Ambassador, Veronica M. Toub, for over a decade; she has mastered what it takes to maintain a certain high-falutin lifestyle. Danna also recently got her California real estate license. The underlying similarities in all of these phases of her careers has been organization, which is why her addition to the Simply Simplify team is such a natural next step. In the fast moving, chaotic world of fashion and luxury, maintaining organization for clients and staff was crucial. Danna brings a professional level of detail to all that she does and we value her dedication to always get the job done and done right. ​
Ginny Smith
Ginny Smith’s background includes personal assisting the CEO of Leonie Industries and a Hollywood stunt director. Her work illuminates the clients wants and needs to perfection. She excels in life management, travel coordination, event production and has organized the homes, and businesses of many of her clients. Ginny has simplified many personal and professional lives by creating a positive, chic, and stress-free lifestyle. She has continuously illustrated her variety of skills and upholds the outstanding reputation of “simply simplify” as a strongly organized and innovative team member.
Paige Hester
Paige’s philosophy on life is “everything has its place and everything should be in its place”. Whether it’s an organized pantry, properly labeled file-folders, detailed garage boxes, or drop box shoe bins, Paige appreciates the results behind an organized life: productivity. Her love for the challenges of simplifying people’s personal lives is reflected in her own life’s experiences: a Fine Arts major at UCLA (which has her focused on the world of aesthetics), her years of experience in the intimate settings of personal organizing and her own dedication to self-improvement through both fitness modeling and volunteer work. Paige is a true organizer at heart and fits in perfectly with the simply simplify team!
Madison Guerriero
Coming all the way from Louisiana, Madison brings her Southern hospitality and stylish sensabilities to our simply simplify team. Receiving her B.A. from LSU in Mass Communication, she has a reputation for being a detail-oriented and innovative problem solver. From her calendar to her closet, everything in her life is organized to perfection to create an ideal work and living environment. Her mantra is, “when you unclutter your life, you have more time to sit back, relax and actually enjoy it!”