One of the best parts of travel is the memories you create along the way and anyone who knows me, know I love taking documenting my loved ones lives.  But then what?  They get stuck on a computer somewhere? Too overwhelmed to do something with them?  Put them to good use on the trip home!  Use these simple tips to make the most of your summer memories:

Prepare your device for a summer of fun. Before you depart, make sure your device is backed up and cleared out to make room for your next adventure. If you’re using your smartphone, back it up to your computer or cloud storage in case something happens to it. Traditional cameras’ memory cards can be copied to a hard drive then formatted so you have as much room as possible to capture your trip.

Keep that battery charged! Not only is it always a great idea to pack a charger or two, but always have a charged external battery pack in case of emergency or lengthy layovers. Better yet, grab a case that has a battery built in, making one less thing to throw in your bag. Get the most out of your battery life by enabling airplane mode when you don’t need to connect to use cellular coverage and reconnect to upload everything when you’re back at the hotel.

Use simple apps to make photos as beautiful as possible, such as Snapseed and VSCO. Each app lets you tweak and fine-tune colors, texture, and lighting to your liking— and then allow you to share directly to social media so your friends and family can follow along.

But why leave your memories just in the digital world? Photos can jump from the screen to the palm of your hand with print-on-demand apps. Keep family and friends in the loop in real time with an old pastime…send personal photo postcards via Postagram. Better yet…get one of those tiny Polaroid Zip Printers and print out mini polaroids to share with friends on the spot!  On the flight or drive home, load your trip images to Simple Prints to create and order a photo album straight from the photos on your phone.

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