Summer is the busiest travel season of them all, and whether you’re jet setting around the world or taking a road trip along the coast— traveling like a pro requires only a little planning ahead and organization. If you’re getting ready to pack your bags this summer, here are some travel tips to make sure you stay organized so you can be free to enjoy your time away:

Prep your toiletries bag even when you’re not packing your luggage. Having your mini-kit ready to go requires only a few minutes of your time, but could save a lot of headaches and panic when you realize you’re abroad without a toothbrush. Keep an inventory of what’s in your bag, what needs to be replenished, and leave a note when something runs out. Check your kit a couple days before you depart to see if there’s anything missing so you have plenty of time to buy refills.

Between our smartphones, laptops, and tablets, we carry an abundance of battery-powered devices while on the road. With every device comes an extra cord, and buying replacement cables while traveling can be difficult and expensive! Set aside a spare cable for each device, secure with a rubber band, and store them in an empty sunglasses case. Keep the case in your luggage and always rest assured you’ll be able to charge up your devices to keep them running the entire trip.

While organizing a suitcase may be simple on the way out of town, finding and keeping it that way may be more challenging.  We suggest Eagle Creek bags within your luggage to contain categories of clothing i.e. tank tops, pajamas, sports wear, etc.

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